Business leaders laud China's support of multilateralism, contributions to BRICS development

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At a time of protectionism, Xi's speech sends a clear message on the importance of defending multilateralism for BRICS members and other countries, Cariello said. "It is very clear today that China is one of the main defenders of multilateralism in the international system."

"China represents a country that experienced a huge development," he said. "What we need to work with China is to construct greater interaction between the Chinese and Brazilian industries."

BRASILIA, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- Representatives attending the BRICS business forum have applauded China's strong support of multilateralism and great contributions to the development of the five-member mechanism.

Tulio Cariello, coordinator of the Brazil-China Business Council, said China plays an important role in the BRICS mechanism, having not only achieved its own development but also promoted closer ties among BRICS members.

At the same time, Xi said, mounting protectionism and bullyism are eroding global trade and investment and weighing down the world economy.

The BRICS countries, added Ntsaluba, should seize the opportunity of the new industrial revolution to strengthen cooperation in scientific and technological innovation.

Anna Nesterova, founder and chairperson of the Board of Directors of Global Rus Trade, the first Russian B2B platform of cross-border e-commerce, said the BRICS countries "can work together to overcome all difficulties and all barriers now we have."

In a speech at the closing ceremony of the forum in the Brazilian capital on Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping noted that the power unleashed by a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation has opened up new ground for productivity growth as well as economic and social development.

He urged the business community to actively participate in and promote BRICS economic cooperation and make tangible contributions to economic growth and job creation. "When businesses have confidence, the market will enjoy vitality," he said.

According to Carlos Abjaldi, director for industrial development of the National Confederation of Industry of Brazil, China is committed to promoting exchanges with other BRICS countries in many areas so that all members can benefit from such cooperation.

Ayanda Ntsaluba, executive director of South Africa's Discovery Holdings, said "China has taken a leading role in the development of digital economy, which gives us a chance to learn."